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What Do I Teach?

Delta Tutoring teaches, mentors and supports students for all levels of Mathematics and Physics.

We are result driven and use effective strategies to ensure our students have the foundations needed for success. We focus on exam preparation and boost confidence in our students. 


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We offer lessons in all levels of Mathematics (Year 7-12), including Ext II, Ext I, Advanced, 2 unit & General.

IB Courses

We offer lessons in International Baccalaureate courses.


We offer lessons in Preliminary and HSC Physics. 


We offer lessons in various University/TAFE courses in Mathematics & Physics.


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“I have been receiving tutoring for both Maths and Physics with Delta Tutoring for over a year now and during this time I’ve been able to experience first-hand the breadth of knowledge that Ray has in these fields. He combines this with detailed resources that are tailored to the current syllabus and he also has the flexibility to work on topics in whatever order best suits his students. I would strongly recommend Delta Tutoring to anyone studying Maths or Physics.”

Dinan Pingamage; Year 12 Sydney Boys High School